Children and parents

We have collated some information and links here that are aimed at both children and parents. There are tips and advice about where you can turn if you are anxious, how to get your everyday routines to work and how you can talk to your children about the coronavirus.
Lyssna på ditt barn och var uppmärksam på frågor.

To children and young people

If you are anxious or have any questions about the coronavirus, you can call or chat with the BRIS support line for children. They are open all weekdays from 9.00-12.00 and 14.00-21.00. At weekends they are there from14.00-21.00.

Links in Swedish:

Advice to parents and other adults

How you can talk to children about Covid-19:

  • Check the situation. Find out how much your child knows and how they are feeling.
  • Encourage questions. Don’t leave your child alone with his/her thoughts.
  • Give the child hope. Many people are working right now to resolve this situation.
  • Don’t pass on your own anxiety. Respond to what your child thinks and needs.
  • Try to maintain everyday routines. Keep calm and talk about things other than the virus.

Save the Children Sweden’s tips on how you can talk to children

Save the Children Sweden’s tips and advice to parents who are at home with children because of the coronavirus

Stockholm Region: How to talk to your child about coronavirus

The Public Health Agency of Sweden: Talking to children about the new coronavirus

WHO: Healthy parenting

BRIS has an adult helpline that you can call as a parent to seek help with ways to support your child in different situations. Open weekdays 9.00-12.00.

Links in Swedish:

Long interview with BRIS about how you can talk to children

Public Health Agency of Sweden’s summary of information about Covid-19 in children and young people