If you need help

Many older people and those in at-risk groups may need help during the current pandemic. Here is some information about how you can find help and support.

If you need help with shopping for food or collecting prescription medicines, you should contact your municipality. Here is a list of all the municipalities in Sweden (in Swedish).

About half of the municipalities have a partnership with a Voluntary Resource Group (FRG) (website in Swedish), which consists of voluntary defence organisations that support municipalities by organising food shopping for at-risk groups.

The Red Cross, Save the Children, City Missions, the Church of Sweden and the Swedish Sports Confederation are helping those municipalities where there is no FRG. Some municipalities have other solutions. Call or email your municipality to find out more about how you can get help. 

The website Uppdrag psykisk hälsa (in Swedish) has collated information about support and resources for the elderly.