If you would like to help

Many people affected by the coronavirus may need help and support in different ways. It may involve helping out in the area of healthcare or going food shopping for someone who is unable to go out. Here is some information about how you can help out.

Voluntary Resource Group (FRG) 

In many municipalities in Sweden there is a Voluntary Resource Group (FRG). While the coronavirus is still spreading, the FRG helps by doing food shopping and collecting medicines for at-risk groups, manufacturing protective equipment for the healthcare and nursing sector and organising spontaneous volunteers.

You need to undergo a special training course to be a member of an FRG. This course has been adapted during the current pandemic to enable more people to get involved and contribute.

Municipalities that have Voluntary Resource Groups (FRG)

Register your interest in joining a Voluntary Resource Group

The Swedish Red Cross and other organisations

In those municipalities that do not have FRG groups, the Red Cross joins forces with four other non-profit organisations to provide emergency support to ensure that the elderly get help with their food shopping and medicines. As well as the Red Cross, also taking part are the Church of Sweden, City Missions, the Swedish Sports Confederation and Save the Children.

Register your interest in becoming a volunteer with the Red Cross (in Swedish)

More ways to help

Hyresgästföreningen has started the Good Neighbours initiative, where you can register to help people in your neighbourhood by providing support, for example with food shopping or walking someone’s dog.

In Stockholm, volunteers have set up Förklädesfabriken, which manufactures protective gowns for those caring for the elderly. Find out more on Förklädesfabriken’s Facebook page (in Swedish), where you can also register to work a shift.  You can also go to Krisinformation.se to read an interview (in Swedish) with one of the people behind the initiative.

If you have a healthcare qualification or other important competence

In many regions there is a need for qualified healthcare staff. Teachers, pre-school teachers, IT managers, HR managers and other staff are also in demand. The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKR) has collected contact details (in Swedish) of municipalities and regions that are looking for more employees at short notice. It may be useful to know that many regions are extremely busy and it could be some time before you hear a reply.

If you have equipment for the healthcare sector

Since 1 June, the facility for companies to register their interest in selling material and equipment to the health service via the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare has ended. Find out more on the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare’s website (in Swedish).