Schools and childcare

Information that applies to preschools, schools and other educational institutions with regards to infection prevention and control.

Preschools and primary schools

Preschools and primary schools are open. Pupils who are ill and risk infecting others must stay at home. Healthy pupils with no symptoms can continue to attend school. For information about the current situation at a particular preschool or school, please contact the head teacher or principal.

High schools (year 7-9) can use distance education as a complement to in-school education.

In the event of an increase in the spread of infection, an authority with responsibility can decide, in consultation with infection control doctors, to close pre-schools and schools.

School does not count as a public gathering

The ban on public gatherings of 8 people or more does not apply to schools and pre-schools. Even if the ban does not apply to schools and pre-schools, the Swedish National Agency for Education recommends measures to be taken in order to avoid congestion in communal areas such as school canteens and auditoriums.

Higher education

Upper secondary schools should combine remote or distance instruction with in-school instruction. Some student groups have difficulties in distance learning, thus exceptions can be made.

Student finance

The rules for student financing have been adapted to the Covid-19 pandemic. Measures have been taken for those who are to repay their loans.