Sport and exercise

Sports and exercise is encouraged, provided that measures are taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Everybody has a responsibility to slow down the spread of Covid-19. The general recommendations also apply to sport and exercise.

Organisations should ensure that

  • it is possible to wipe equipment with disinfectant or normal detergent after use, 
  • it is possible to wash hands or use hand sanitiser,
  • there is information about staying at home in the event of illness and good hand hygiene, and
  • there are distance markers on floors and other things to prevent crowding.

Camp activities and tournaments

Camp activities and tournaments may be held. There are no restrictions on the duration of camps and tournaments.    

Activities should take place in a hygienic manner in accordance with the setting (indoor or outdoor), the size of the premises and the number of participants.

Activities should take place in groups of a limited number of people, and classes, teams or groups should not mix more than necessary. Larger gatherings of participants in common areas should be avoided. Overnight stays should be arranged with a limited number of people in the same room. Large dormitories should be avoided. 


Those who arrange races or competitions need to do a risk assessment, especially when deciding the number of participants. A maximum of 900 people are allowed to participate at the same time in races and similar events.