Here you will find information about what applies to Covid-19 testing, both for ongoing infection and for antibodies.The booking of PCR-tests differs depending on which region you belong to.

Get tested if you have symptoms

To trace infection and reduce the spread of infection, the Public Health Agency is encouraging everyone with symptoms to get tested for an ongoing infection, a so-called PCR test. This also applies to young children and youth of school-going age down to preschool age.

The regions are responsible for conducting the PCR tests and the test is most frequently taken by healthcare professionals. Sometimes, it is possible for people to take a PCR test sample themselves at home – so-called self-sampling. Contact your region for more information on who can get tested in your area.

A so-called antigene test can be used as a complement to PCR-tests by the healthcare in some regions.

Advice for testing

  • Only get a test if you have symptoms of covid-19 or if it is requested by contact tracing personnel.
  • Only get tested if the symptoms do not recede in 24 hours and are not due to some other reason, like allergy or migraine.
  • Stay at home if you have symptoms. Avoid contact with others. More information
  • Let someone who is healthy collect your test kit.
  • Behave as though you are infected from the moment you develop symptoms until you have received a negative test result or are healthy.
  • Do not take a new test if you have tested positive. Instead, stay at home and avoid contact with others for at least seven days. 
  • If you are waiting for test results and have a healthcare appointment scheduled, please tell your healthcare provider before your appointment.

Links to the Regions' websites

How to book a test

The booking of PCR-tests differs depending on which region you belong to. In some regions you must book a test by logging in to 1177.se and in others you must contact a health centre to book an appointment. You can read more about testing in your region at 1177.se. You can call 1177 if you have questions about healthcare, but you they cannot answer questions about your test results. Check the information about testing in different Regions (in Swedish). At the moment, there is no information in other languages than Swedish about how to book a test and the testing procedures, as these differ between the regions. Please use an online translation tool to understand the information in the link above. 

Antibodies against Covid-19

A serological test can show whether you have had Covid-19 and developed antibodies to the disease. If you have no symptoms and have IgG antibodies, it means that you have a lower risk of being infected by Covid-19 and thus a lower risk of passing the infection on to others.

Those who have tested positive for Covid-19 antibodies should still follow the restrictions and recommendations in order not to spread the disease to others.

The Public Health Agency of Sweden currently deems that the protection that antibodies can provide may last up to six months from the time an individual has received a positive test result.