International travel restrictions

There is an entry ban for non-essential travel to Sweden from countries outside the EU. Here we have compiled information about international travel restrictions from Swedish authorities.

Negative Covid-19 test certificate required

Foreign nationals need to present a negative Covid-19 test result in order to travel into Sweden. There can be no more than 48 hours between the time of the Covid test and crossing the border.

The following types of test are approved: Antigen tests, TMA-test, PCR tests and LAMP tests.

The following information must appear on the certificate in order for it to be valid:

  • Name of the person who has been tested
  • When the test was performed
  • Whether the test performed is an antigen, PCR or LAMP test
  • The test result
  • Issuer of the certificate

The information must be clearly stated in Swedish, English, Norwegian, Danish or French.

From outside Europe

There is a travel ban on non-essential travel to Sweden from countries outside the EU. This ban is valid until 31 May. 

The entry ban does not apply to citizens and their families from EU/EEA countries and Switzerland. The ban also does not apply if you are a permanent resident or hold a residence permit in Sweden or another EU country, or if you have a national visa in Sweden.

Exceptions can also be made for people with particularly urgent needs. The exemption will also apply to seasonal workers employed in agriculture, forestry and horticulture.

Swedish border control officials determine the manner in which the exceptions should be interpreted and the decisions that should be taken. 

For questions about the entry restrictions to Sweden, contact the Swedish Police on 114 14.

Get tested after your arrival in Sweden

Get tested as soon as possible after arriving in Sweden, and then again five days after your arrival. Visit to find out where you can get tested in your area. If you have tested positive for antibodies you are still recommended to get tested again after your arrival. If you got tested in connection with your departure for Sweden, you do not have to get tested again in connection with your arrival, but you should still get tested five days after your arrival.

The recommendation to get tested applies regardless of which country you have visited. It applies to children in preschool class and older, but not to younger children

Travelling abroad

An advisory against non-essential travel to countries outside the EU is in effect until 31 May 2021.