Who will be vaccinated when?

If you live in Sweden you will be offered free Covid-19 vaccination. You do not need to be a Swedish citizen to get the vaccine.

Vaccination is the most effective way to avoid becoming seriously ill or dying from Covid-19. Vaccination also helps to reduce the spread of infection.

Even if you have had Covid-19, it is recommended that be vaccinated with three doses. Those who have had Covid-19 have developed protection against the disease, but we do not currently know how long this protection will last. 

Vaccination against Covid-19, The Public Health Agency of Sweden

Book vaccination appointment

The regions are responsible for Covid-19 vaccination. Visit 1177.se to find out how to book a vaccination appointment and who can book an appointment right now. Select your region at the top of the page. Also see regional information about the coronavirus.


Pregnant women

If you are pregnant, you can get vaccinated throughout your pregnancy. However, the Public Health Agency recommends that vaccination be given after pregnancy week 12, unless there are other reasons. For example, you may have a medical risk factor such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes or are over 35 years of age.

Most people who become ill with Covid-19 experience mild symptoms of illness and do not need to seek medical care. But pregnant women have a slightly higher risk of becoming seriously ill. Vaccination against Covid-19 is recommended for all pregnant women, as the vaccines provide good protection against serious illness and reduce the risk of early delivery.

About pregnancy and vaccines from the Public Health Agency

Children and young people

Vaccination against covid-19 is recommended only for special groups of children. Each region determines how they handle consent when vaccinating minors. 

Covid-19 vaccination for children at the Public Health Agency


For adults aged 18–64, the recommendation for three doses of the vaccinate remains in force. But anyone who wants to receive an additional booster dose, dose 4, may do so. 

65 plus and risk groups

Those who are 65 years or older and adults in risk groups are advised to have one booster shot against Covid-19.  From 1 March 2023, those who are 80 years or older and those who live in retirement homes are advised to have two booster shots against Covid-19 per year.
Those between 65 and 79 years and younger people in risk groups are advised to have one booster shot per year.