Travel advisory for countries outside the EU/EEA extended

Today, the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to extend the advisory against non-essential travel to countries outside the EU/EEA/Schengen area until 15 April.

This advisory means that careful consideration should be given to whether it really is the right time to take a trip at the moment. Many countries have closed their borders or have extensive restrictions on entry and exit, requirements for quarantine and curfews.

Nevertheless, if you choose to travel, you should follow these three tips:

  • Find out about your destination.
  • Follow local rules.
  • Plan for your return journey.

It is a good idea to download the UD Resklar app to your mobile. Swedish embassies' travel information is gathered there. Turn on push notifications for the country you are in. 

The previous decision to reintroduce the advisory for the UK, Northern Ireland and Norway applies until further notice.

Source: Ministry for Foreign Affairs

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