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PUBLICERADES 29 Sep 2021 10:55

在covid-19 (新型冠状病毒病,新冠) 疫情期间来到瑞典


PUBLICERADES 29 Sep 2021 10:52

Covid-19 information for tourists

Here you find general information about Covid-19 restrictions and regulations in Sweden. The information comes from the responsible Swedish authorities and is available in French...

PUBLICERADES 11 Apr 2019 10:14

Finding Help and Services

PUBLICERADES 9 Oct 2019 10:14

Important Public Message Fire and smoke, Hällbybrunn, Södermanland

Update 9th of October at 11.05 am: The warning has been withdrawn.

PUBLICERADES 5 Oct 2021 00:07

Important public announcement for Kalmar

Update 5 October 01.50: The warning has been withdrawn.

PUBLICERADES 12 Nov 2020 09:27

The Government: Ban on serving alcohol after 10 pm

The Ministry of Health and Social Affairs has proposed a new law temporarily banning the serving of alcohol after 10 pm.

PUBLICERADES 6 Oct 2021 14:10

Moderna's Covid-19 vaccine Spikevax halted for young people

The Swedish Public Health Agency (”Folkhälsomyndigheten”) has decided to suspend the use of Moderna’s Spikevax vaccine for everyone born in 1991 or later. This is because of...

PUBLICERADES 5 Oct 2021 16:23

Class 2 warnings for very high water flows

SMHI has issued class 2 warnings for very high water flows in Värmland and Dalarna counties.

PUBLICERADES 22 Oct 2020 16:17

The audience capacity is being raised to 300

The government announced today that the capacity for seated audiences at cultural and sporting events will be raised to 300 people. The decision applies from 1 November.

PUBLICERADES 20 Oct 2020 02:52

Important public announcement for Jägersro in Malmö

Update oktober 20, 03.25: This message no longer applies.