- the national website for emergency information

The Swedish government has instructed MSB (the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency) to provide a national website for emergency information, directed at the general public and the media, in collaboration with other emergency management authorities.

The purpose of is to describe how emergency management is organised in Sweden, and to explain the roles and responsibilities of various authorities in the event of an emergency.

  • Before an emergency, provides information about how emergency management is organised in Sweden and about how people should prepare themselves for crises and emergencies.
  • During an emergency, the site provides an overall view of events, and contact information for authorities whose area of responsibility is affected.
  • After the emergency, it summarises events and describes experiences gained. links to government authorities and agencies, municipalities and other actors’ websites, as well as to other websites relevant to emergency management. Use online tools for translating information on and from the sources for such information, the authorities and other actors within the Swedish emergency management system.

Official information about emergencies in Sweden is also communicated by to the public on Facebook and on Twitter.

Krisinformation.also serves as a channel for coordinated emergency information. In the event of an emergency, a special page can be set up to provide the public with guidance on how to find official information about the emergency. 

Our aim is for the content of the website to be accessible and usable by as many people as possible. (Read more under User tips.)