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About the vaccines against covid-19

  • Vaccine is a medication. The vaccine prevents you from becoming ill from the virus that the vaccine protects against.

    Vaccines stimulate the body's immune system in a similar manner to a real infection, but without the body becoming infected and ill. When the body is then exposed to the same infectious agent, the immune system can quickly fight it off.

    Read more about how vaccines work and different types of vaccines (in Swedish). At there is an animated movie of what happens in the body when it is vaccinated against Covid-19 (in Swedish).

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  • Yes, the vaccines that are approved for Covid 19 have undergone all the studies required. The results of the studies have been evaluated by the European medical product agencies and the vaccines have been approved as safe and effective.

    All treatment with drugs carries a certain risk of side effects. The known side effects are listed in the product information and package leaflet. It is important that all suspected side effects are reported in order to increase knowledge about very rare side effects.

    The risk of becoming seriously ill due to Covid-19 is greater than the risk of developing serious side-effects from the vaccine. Covid-19 is a serious illness.

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  • It is important to keep two things separate: protection from serious illness and protection from becoming infected. All the approved vaccines stimulate your immune system to produce antibodies, wich gives you protection against Covid-19.

    The vaccines protect you from becoming seriously ill
    The effect is not stated in a certain percentage in the product information, but applies generally to all vaccines. Not everyone who is vaccinated will be fully protected, but if you do become ill, you will most likely get a milder form of Covid-19. 

    The vaccines protect you and others against Covid-19
    Vaccination is a way for you to reduce the risk of becoming ill. This is described in a certain percentage in the product information, but it is really only a forecast of how much less risk there is of becoming ill. It is not possible to say exactly how much less risk you, as an individual, have of becoming infected. New studies after the vaccines have been approved may also change these percentages later.

    In summary, none of the vaccines provide 100 percent protection against infection, but they all provide good protection against serious illnes in Covid-19. We do not know for how long the vaccine will protect you, the effect has to be followed up over a longer period of time in order to be able to show how long protection lasts and if people need to fill up with new doses later.

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  • More information can be found at:

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About the vaccination against covid-19

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