Questions and answers about covid-19 vaccines and vaccination

About the vaccines

  • Will vaccine stop the pandemic?

    A vaccine approved for use in Sweden may be only one of several ways to protect yourself against Covid-19. However vaccine will not be the only solution. Even if a vaccine becomes available, you still need to think about protecting each other from infection by continuing to stay home if you show symptoms, keeping your distance, maintaining good hand hygiene and working from home whenever possible.

    Källa: Folkhälsomyndigheten | 13 jan 2021 11:55
  • How are the vaccines tested before they are approved?

    ​​​All the medications in the world are developed and tested according to the same principles; first in a laboratory environment through, for example, tests on culture in test tubes, stability tests and animal experiments. Then follow clinical trials in different phases on humans according to special requirements. All medications are tested on the patient group for which they are intended. Read more about vaccine development on the Swedish Medical Products Agency website.

    Källa: Läkemedelsverket | 13 jan 2021 12:02
  • Which Covid-19 vaccines have been approved in Sweden?

    At present, there are two vaccines against Covid-19 approved in Sweden. Their name are Comirnaty and Covid-19 vaccine Moderna. Information about the vaccines can be found on the Swedish Medical Products Agency website.

    Källa: Läkemedelsverket | 13 jan 2021 11:51
  • Is the Covid-19 vaccine safe?

    ​​Medicines and vaccines are approved on the basis that the benefit must be significantly greater than the risk of serious side effects for their intended use. An approved vaccine is judged to be sufficiently safe. All treatment with drugs carries a certain risk of side effects and therefore it is important that all suspected side effects are reported.

    Källa: Läkemedelsverket | 13 jan 2021 12:03
  • Why is the Astra Zeneca vaccine not recommended for people over 65?

    There is currently no data on how effective Astra Zeneca's vaccine is in protecting the elderly from developing severe Covid 19. This information is expected to come later this spring when the results of a major US study, which is currently underway, are analysed. There is no evidence that Astra Zeneca's vaccine would not have a protective effect or that it would have adverse effects on the older age groups. At present, we recommend that people aged 65 and over receive one of the previously-approved vaccines from Pfizer/ BioNTech or Moderna. Read more about approved Covid 19 vaccines on the Medical Products Agency website.

    Källa: Folkhälsomyndigheten | 19 feb 2021 10:06
  • Does the Covid 19 vaccine affect other medicines and vaccines?

    No, these vaccines rarely affect other medicines or vaccines. People who use other common medicines have also been included in the studies that form the basis for the vaccination approval.

    Källa: Läkemedelsverket | 19 feb 2021 10:05
  • What do the Covid-19 vaccines contain?

    All substances contained in a vaccine are published when the vaccine is approved and will then appear in the vaccine product information. The Medical Products Agency will publish product information as soon as the vaccine has been approved. Read more at Lä Allmän information om innehållet i vaccin, Läkemedelsfakta

    Källa: Läkemedelsverket | 22 jan 2021 10:53
  • Where can I find a Swedish medication package leaflet for Covid-19 vaccines?

    In connection with approval of medicines, such as vaccines, Swedish medication package leaflets are published on the Medical Products Agency website stating the medical facts. There you can read about what the Corona vaccine contains, how it works and what side effects are known. The Swedish Medical Products Agency also has a general page for approved Covid-19 vaccines on its website. Product information can also be found at

    Källa: Läkemedelsverket | 22 jan 2021 10:53
  • What are the side-effects of Covid-19 vaccinations?

    ​The most common side effects of vaccination are local side effects at the injection site (tenderness, swelling, redness) but also muscle aches, fever, headache and malaise. These are a natural reaction of the body's immune system. They are usually mild and disappear after a few days. Information on common, uncommon and rare side effects can be found in the medication package leaflet for each vaccine. All treatment with drugs carries a certain risk of side effects. Medicines and vaccines will only be approved if the benefit is significantly greater than the risk in its intended use.

    Källa: Läkemedelsverket | 13 jan 2021 11:49

Before the vaccination

  • Can I decide myself whether I want to get vaccinated?

    Yes. All vaccinations are voluntary in Sweden, including Covid-19 vaccination. If you are offered a Covid-19 vaccination, you will be able to decide for yourself, based on available knowledge about the illness and the vaccine. You will also receive information about the vaccine before you have to make a decision.

    Källa: Folkhälsomyndigheten | 13 jan 2021 11:55
  • Will everyone be offered vaccination?

    At present, Covid-19 vaccination is offered to people who are 18 and older, according to Swedish Public Health Agency recommendations. Those who are most at risk of becoming seriously ill are offered the vaccine first. Initially, vaccination is not offered to people who are 17 or younger or pregnant. However, the situation may change as knowledge levels increase. Depending on the vaccine and the underlying medical problems, vaccination may, in special cases, be discussed with the individual's doctor.

    Källa: Folkhälsomyndigheten | 19 jan 2021 17:12
  • Do I have to pay to be vaccinated against Covid-19?

    Covid-19 vaccination will be free of charge to anyone who wants to be vaccinated against the disease.

    Källa: Folkhälsomyndigheten | 13 jan 2021 12:03
  • Does vaccination protect against virus spread?

    The Covid-19 vaccine protects you from becoming seriously ill. But everyone must continue to wash their hands, stay at home if experiencing symptoms and keep their distance in order to slow down the infection, even when the Covid-19 vaccine is available.

    Källa: Folkhälsomyndigheten | 21 jan 2021 16:34
  • What is the vaccination schedule in Sweden?

    The Public Health Agency of Sweden has produced recommendations for the order in which different groups are to be vaccinated against Covid-19. The schedule for Covid-19 vaccinations also depends on when the vaccines are delivered to Sweden.

    The Regions are responsible for carrying out the vaccinations. Go to and read about who is being vaccinated in your Region right now. Make sure you choose your own region.

    Källa: Folkhälsomyndigheten | 3 mar 2021 11:04
  • Can I choose which vaccine I get?

    No, there is a limited supply of different vaccines so there is no opportunity for you to choose which Covid 19 vaccine you get.

    Källa: Folkhälsomyndigheten | 19 feb 2021 10:02
  • Do both doses need to be taken with the same vaccine?

    ​Yes, the same vaccine must be used for both doses. The vaccinator is responsible for ensuring that both doses are from the same manufacturer.

    Källa: Läkemedelsverket | 19 feb 2021 10:04
  • Can I have an antibody test instead of getting vaccinated against Covid-19?

    No. We still lack knowledge about how much and what type of antibodies are required to be immune to Covid-19. We also do not know how long this protection lasts. Everyone will therefore be offered a vaccination, regardless of whether they have had the illness or not. Based on previous experience from vaccinations, there is no reason to believe that being vaccinated has any negative effects if you have already had the illness.

    Källa: Folkhälsomyndigheten | 13 jan 2021 11:58
  • Should I be vaccinated even if I have already been ill with Covid 19 and have antibodies?

    Yes. We recommend vaccination for everyone who has had Covid 19, including those who have antibodies. You can be vaccinated as soon as you have fully recovered from Covid 19.

    Källa: Folkhälsomyndigheten,Läkemedelsverket | 19 feb 2021 10:04
  • I am breastfeeding my baby – can I get vaccinated against Covid 19?

    Breastfeeding is not an obstacle to vaccination. It is unknown whether the vaccines are excreted in human milk. There is no reason to believe that the vaccine will cause any side effects in breast-fed babies.

    Källa: Läkemedelsverket | 19 feb 2021 10:03
  • What applies to children?

    Generally, children are not currently offered vaccination against Covid-19 as the approved vaccines have not yet been fully tested on children. As knowledge develops, this may change. Children are defined as people up to and including 17 years of age. For children who are at risk of becoming seriously ill with Covid-19 because they have an underlying condition, the child's doctor may make an individual assessment. If the doctor considers that the vaccine can be of great benefit in protecting the child from serious Covid-19 infection, vaccination may be offered.

    Källa: Folkhälsomyndigheten | 21 jan 2021 16:37
  • Can I be vaccinated if I suffer from allergies?

    Different vaccines consist of different contents, so the answer depends on which vaccine is relevant and what type of allergy you have. For approved vaccines, product information is provided showing a table of contents and information about whether allergy is an obstacle to vaccination.

    Källa: Läkemedelsverket | 13 jan 2021 12:03
  • Who is responsible for these vaccinations in Sweden?

    ​Different government agencies are responsible for different issues. The Swedish Medical Products Agency is responsible for studying medicines and making decisions on approval of vaccines and for following up safety and efficacy when the vaccines have been rolled out. The Swedish Public Health Agency is responsible for recommending who should be vaccinated. The health service in each region is responsible for carrying out the vaccinations.

    Källa: Läkemedelsverket | 13 jan 2021 11:53

After the vaccination

  • I have been vaccinated against Covid 19, do I have to continue following the general recommendations?

    Yes, it is important that people who have been vaccinated against Covid 19 continue to follow the general recommendations, even after the vaccine has started to work: stay at home if you have symptoms, keep your distance from others and wash your hands often. Covid 19 is still spreading. We know that the vaccine protects you from becoming seriously ill. However, there is limited knowledge about the risk of infecting others with the Covid 19 virus if you become ill yourself after being vaccinated. There may be a certain risk that you can then infect others, even if you yourself do not develop any symptoms so we must all continue to follow the general recommendations until more knowledge becomes available. Read more at: After the vaccination - continue to follow general recommendations.

    Källa: Folkhälsomyndigheten | 19 feb 2021 10:21
  • What protection will I have after the Covid 19 vaccination?

    The Covid-19 vaccination creates protection against serious illness. The vaccine teaches your immune system how to create antibodies that protect you from the disease. However, it is not certain that everyone who is vaccinated will develop full protection. This applies to all vaccines, not just Covid 19. But you still run much less risk of becoming seriously ill.

    Källa: Folkhälsomyndigheten | 19 feb 2021 10:00
  • How long does it take before I am protected aginst Covid-19?

    Depending on the vaccine you receive, different numbers of doses are necessary for good protection against Covid 19. Two doses are necessary for the vaccines approved. Comirnaty (Pfizer/BioNTech): approximately one week after the final dose of Covid 19 vaccine, COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna: approximately two weeks after the final dose of Covid 19 vaccine, COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca : approximately 3 weeks after the first dose. Individuals may not be fully protected until 15 days after the second dose.

    Källa: Läkemedelsverket | 19 feb 2021 10:01
  • Can I catch Covid-19 in spite of being vaccinated?

    There is a small risk of becoming infected even after vaccination. The protective effect after 2 doses is assessed as high in vaccine studies, but as with all vaccinations, complete protection cannot be guaranteed. It is therefore important to continue to follow the Swedish Public Health Agency advice and recommendations to reduce the risk of becoming infected or infecting others.

    Källa: Läkemedelsverket | 13 jan 2021 11:52
  • Do I have protection after a single dose of Covid 19 vaccine?

    You probably have protection, but there is no research-based evidence on level of protection and how long it lasts after a single dose of vaccine. It is important that you complete the vaccination with two doses.

    Källa: Läkemedelsverket | 19 feb 2021 10:03
  • How long do I have protection against Covid 19 after vaccination?

    It is still too early to say how long the protection will last after vaccination. Effects must be followed up over an extended period to be able to show if or when you need to refill with additional doses later.

    Källa: Läkemedelsverket | 19 feb 2021 10:02
  • Can I travel abroad when I have been vaccinated against Covid 19?

    Just now, the same recommendations apply when it comes to travelling abroad, regardless of whether you have been vaccinated or not. Check the rules and recommendations that apply in the country you are travelling to. You must also follow the recommendations that apply to the trip itself and stay up-to-date on Ministry for Foreign Affairs travel recommendations. Be prepared that the recommendations may change quickly and that you may need to take tests and/or stay at home for a certain number of days after a trip abroad. Read more at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs:

    Källa: Folkhälsomyndigheten | 19 feb 2021 10:22
  • Why will my vaccination be registered in the National Vaccination Register?

    All vaccinations against Covid-19 must be registered in the National Vaccination Register. The information to be registered is personal registration or coordination number, date of vaccination, which vaccine was used, batch number, care provider responsible for the vaccination, vaccine dose number. This is in order to be able to follow up the wider vaccination picture. This information is protected by absolute confidentiality and cannot be accessed via patient records. Everyone is entitled to request this information in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    Källa: Folkhälsomyndigheten | 21 jan 2021 16:35
  • How do I report suspected side-effects?

    Healthcare professionals have a responsibility to report suspected adverse reactions. Private individuals may also report suspected side effects directly to the Swedish Medical Products Agency. There are two ways to do this: Report side effects via the Medical Products Agency e-service or via a form that can be printed out from the Medical Products Agency website and sent to them.

    Källa: Läkemedelsverket | 13 jan 2021 11:48


  • What is MSB’s role in the vaccine issue?

    MBS's role in this work consists of supporting national coordination between actors, monitoring and assessing the consequences of the pandemic for society and socially important activities, contributing to Public Health Agency work to develop a stakeholder communication strategy at national level and enabling coordinated communication between actors and to the public via All information published on the site is confirmed information from authorities and other responsible actors. The website will make it easier for the public to find confirmed information in one place and reduce the risk of the dissemination of incorrect information.
    On social media, answers questions from the public. If an authority, region or municipality's own resources are not sufficient, MSB can, just as before, support them with competence and equipment. This may include, for example, coordination of volunteer activities, initiatives using staff with expertise in e.g. emergency operations and crisis communication ands support with temporary premises (modular houses). Within the framework of the assignment to monitor the information impact directed at Sweden, actors who try to exploit vulnerabilities concerning Covid-19 and vaccines will be closely examined. MSB also supports IT security personnel in health care with technical advice and a platform for collaboration between them. In addition, the MSB contributes one member to the expert group advising the Government National Vaccination Coordinator.

    Källa: Myndigheten för samhällsskydd och beredskap | 21 jan 2021 16:27