Current rules and recommendations

Here you will find a summary of the advice and recommendations that are in effect at the moment because of Covid-19. In the summary, we have selected the advice and recommendations that affect you as an individual.

Covid-19 and contact tracing

Covid-19 is no longer classified as generally dangerous. However, infection tracing will still take place in in-patient care where there are people at high risk of becoming seriously ill.

Advice and recommendations

Get vaccinated if you can

The Swedish Public Health Agency recommends that everyone aged 18 and older be vaccinated with three doses against covid-19. Vaccination reduces the risk of serious illness and death.

Stay home if you have symptoms

Anyone with symptoms of Covid-19 should stay at home and  avoid close contacts with others if you are ill with symptoms of Covid-19.

Special advice to those not vaccinated

Not being vaccinated increases the risk of serious illness from Covid-19. To avoid becoming infected, people who are unvaccinated should be extra careful and avoid crowded indoor environments. This recommendation only applies to adults. 

Changed priorities for testing

Only patients, care users, and health and elderly care staff are recommended to get tested.