Current rules and recommendations

These are the advice and recommendations in effect regarding Covid-19.

Advice and recommendations

Stay home if you are ill and have symptoms of Covid-19

Stay home and avoid close contact with others if you are ill with symptoms of Covid-19. 


Everyone aged 50 years and above are recommended to get vaccinated against Covid-19. People aged 18 years and above are also recommended to get vaccinated if they belong to a risk group for severe Covid-19.

Special advice to not vaccinated

People aged 50 years and above who are not vaccinated should be particularly careful. This also applies to people aged 18 years and above who belongs to a risk group. This means that you should avoid crowds and large gatherings of people indoors. Those who are not vaccinated and belong to a medical risk group, run a higher risk of getting seriously ill with Covid-19. The risk of serious illness increases with age.