Current rules and recommendations

These are the advice and recommendations in effect regarding Covid-19.

Advice and recommendations


The Swedish Public Health Agency recommends vaccination against Covid-19 for the spring season if you

  • are 80 years or older.
  • are 65 years or older and need daily assistance with hygiene and dressing.

More about what applies to different age groups on the Swedish Public Health Agency's website

Swedish Public Health Agency 19/3 2024: Spring COVID-19 vaccine dose important to continue protecting the elderly and people with care needs

The Swedish Public Health Agency's collective information on Covid-19

Do I need to stay at home if I fall ill with Covid-19?

There is no longer a formal government recommendation to stay at home specific to Covid-19, as there was during the pandemic.

However, to avoid infecting others, it is good to stay at home if you have a fever or other symptoms of diseases such as Covid-19, influenza or stomach flu. This is according to 1177, which provides medical advice.

Healthcare advice on Covid-19 at 1177

1177: Reduce the risk of infection this spring