Current rules and recommendations

Here you will find a summary of the prohibitions, advice and recommendations that are in effect at the moment because of Covid-19. In the summary, we have selected the advice and recommendations that affect you as an individual.

Restrictions and prohibitions

Entry ban to Sweden from most countries outside the EU/EEA

A ban on entry to Sweden is in effect for non-essential travel from most countries outside the EU/EEA. The ban does not apply to Swedish citizens, citizens of another EU/EEA country or citizens from a number of exempt countries. Swedish citizens and foreign nationals who are registered in Sweden are always entitled to travel into Sweden.

Read more under International travel, where you will find information about which countries are exempt from the entry ban and what is needed in order to be granted an exemption from the entry ban. 

Advice and recommendations

Stay at home if you are ill

Anyone with symptoms of Covid-19 should stay at home. Adults and children aged six or over are also recommended to get tested.

There will be new recommendations for testing of Covid-19 from and including 1 November 2021. The recommendations for when you should stay at home will also be changed. Read more about what will apply:

Recommendations for testing of Covid-19 from and including 1 November

Recommendations for staying at home in the event of symptoms of respiratory infection after 1 November

Special advice to those not fully vaccinated

If you are not fully vaccinated, you have a special responsibility. To reduce the risk of spreading infection, you need, if possible, to:

  • keep a distance from other people
  • avoid close contact with people in risk groups and people who are aged 70 or over.

This advice does not apply to people under18 or people who are advised to not take the vaccine against Covid-19 for medical reasons.

Recommendations when entering Sweden

Everyone who is not fully vaccinated is recommended to get tested for Covid-19 upon entering Sweden.

Information from the Public Health Agency ("Folkhälsomyndigheten") about what applies from 29 September 2021.