Published 7/19/2024

Major IT disruptions around the world

A problem at the cybersecurity company Crowdstrike is currently causing IT disruptions in several parts of the world.

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If flooding occurs, the municipal rescue services will handle the immediate response. If your house gets flooded, you may have to wait for assistance, as they will prioritize life, health and the functioning of society. Here is how to act if there is a risk of flooding.

Your safety around water

A person who is drowning is usually unable to call for help. But you can save lives by learning about safety in the water and practising CPR.

Weather warnings

Weather warnings in Sweden may be yellow, orange, or red. A red warning is the most serious. The warning level will be set based on which consequences the weather is expected to have.

Swedish healthcare for visitors

If you become ill or get injured while in Sweden, call 1177 for information about illnesses and where to find your nearest healthcare centre. In case of emergency, call 112 for an ambulance.