Risk of grass and forest fire in parts of Sweden

There is a risk of grass and forest fire in parts of Sweden. Here you will find information from Swedish authorities about fire bans, fire risk and how to fire safely.

International travel

You are always ultimately responsible for yourself when travelling abroad. Here, you will find inforrmation about how to prepare for a stay abroad and how you should act in an emergency situation.

About Swedish healthcare for visitors

If you are on a visit in Sweden and become ill, call 1177 for information from a registered nurse about illnesses and where to find your nearest healthcare centre. In case of emergency, call 112 for an ambulance.

Climate changes

The climate of the earth and Sweden is getting warmer. This increases the risk of extreme weather, natural disasters and other disturbances in society. Read about how society is preparing and what you, as a private individual, can do.

Source criticism

Being source critical means evaluating the information you find. Firstly, this means understanding that some sources have greater credibility than others and, secondly, being aware that the originator of the information has an objective.

Home preparedness

In the event of a crisis, help will first go to those who need it most. You should plan to be able to manage without the help of society for a week or longer.

Official information on the Covid-19 pandemic

Vaccination and current recommendations. How to stay safe and help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.