Be careful with fire in forests and fields

One small spark can result in a major wildfire. Read more about what to bear in mind before lighting a fire or barbecuing in the forest or fields.

Water shortage and drought

If groundwater levels are low and there is a risk of water shortage, a municipality may issue an outdoor water-use restriction and encourage inhabitants to conserve water. Read more and find some tips on how to conserve water.

Drowning accidents

A person who is drowning is usually unable to call for help. But you can save lives by learning about safety in the water and practising CPR.

Arriving in Sweden from Ukraine

Residence permit, accomodation and healthcare. Here is infor­ma­tion for persons arriving to Sweden from Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine

Information from the Swedish authorities regarding the war in Ukraine and its consequences.

Official information on the Covid-19 pandemic

Vaccination and current recommendations. How to stay safe and help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Information about the coronavirus in other languages

Covid-19 information from Swedish authorities in other languages.