What is Krisinformation.se?

Krisinformation.se is a web site run by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (“Myndigheten för samhällsskydd och beredskap, MSB”). The mission is to compile and convey warnings, alerts, and emergency information from Swedish authorities to the public.

The information published by Krisinformation.se has been confirmed by the responsible authority or actor (such as power network operators, traffic operators, or telecommunication operators) and is available on their web sites as well. Krisinformation.se does not publish information based on reports in the media or social media.

Krisinformation.se publishes emergency alerts and news on the website www.krisinformation.se (Swedish and English) and in Swedish on Krisinformation.se’s accounts on Facebook and Twitter. These are also available via the Krisinformation mobile app.

Krisinformation.se is owned by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB). Within the framework of the agency’s coordination assignment, we support an authority when it needs to coordinate its communication with the public and the media.

Krisinformation.se performs regular media and social media monitoring in order to detect events that can develop and become serious. 

Krisinformation.se is there to answer questions about events and crises in social media and email correspondence. In cases where we cannot provide an answer, we refer to the responsible authority or we notify the relevant authority about what requires clarification, so that they have the opportunity to expand on and update the information. 

How can I use the information material on Krisinformation.se?

Everyone can freely access Krisinformation.se and share most of its information in social media. Please state the source. Images, videos and graphics may be copyrighted, so please contact the editorial team if you wish to use these. 

What is required of a communicator?

In order for Krisinformation.se to be able to communicate information from a particular stakeholder, the information must be published on the website or social media channel of the relevant authority. In other words, the information should be published in text format on the website or in social media in order for us to be able to communicate it. We can of course link to and recommend streamed media, such as press conferences, for which a public authority is responsible, but it makes it easier for the editorial team if a written reference of the content is made available.

Information from municipalities and local stakeholders

Krisinformation.se and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency’s coordination division are collaborating with authorities and county administrative boards to improve public communication during a crisis. When county administrative boards organise the dissemination of municipalities’ information, we usually communicate this information, but of course we try to help municipalities to communicate their respective information when required.

Language and accessibility

Our aim is to be able to offer as much important information as possible. Krisinformation.se always has information in Swedish and English. During major events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the information on the website is translated into several other languages spoken by minorities who have a limited knowledge of Swedish. Krisinformation.se is also working to ensure that more people who require special information can be reached. Partly by improving accessibility on the website and app, and partly through dialogue and cooperation with authorities, associations and organisations. This applies to functional variations, languages, as well as special information adapted to the needs of children and young people.