Internet and telephone outages

When internet or telephone communication is disrupted, the responsible authorities informs through Swedish radio, so-called safety points (“trygghetspunkter”), or other ways the municipality will decide to use.

During internet or telephone outages, there can be coverage in some parts of the affected area. This can change during the course of events. 

You will find information here

Information from government agencies about emergencies and large-scale accidents is available in English through:

  • By calling the public emergency information number 113 13 or by contacting the municipality or authority responsible. 
  • In the event of serious incidents, information is broadcast and published by Radio Sweden

Information in Swedish

Swedish language information about emergencies and accidents is available via the Swedish Radio emergency channel P4. Make sure to have access to an FM radio, either via a car radio, a regular radio or via FM radio on your mobile phone. If the phone is working, you can call SOS Alarm on 113 13 to get information about major accidents and emergencies. compiles information about emergencies from Swedish authorities.

Prepare for telephone and internet outages

Prepare for telephone and internet outages by checking your municipality’s website or by asking them about their emergency communication plans.  

If telephones stop working in your area, you may need to go to a fire station if you have to call 112 for an ambulance, rescue services or the Police. Many fire stations offer an emergency telephone for this purpose. If you do not speak Swedish, you can still call 112. An interpreter will help you, as soon as one is available.

Safety points

A safety point is a place set up by many municipalities in the case of emergency. Not all municipalities have one. To prepare, inquire with your municipality about where safety points may be set up in your area and what services you can expect. This may differ, but there may be verified information, an emergency phone or radio, charging opportunities for mobile phones, or drinking water available. In some municipalities, there are plans to use these safety points as shelters.  

Contact your municipality for more information. You can see all the municipalities in Sweden on the map on this page. 

The information comes from MSB,, the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKR) and Swedish Radio.