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Krisinformation.se is a site run by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB). Our task is to gather all crisis information from authorities and make it available in one place so that you, as a citizen, do not have to search for information in multiple locations in the event of a crisis.

Krisinformation.se conveys information. We do not decide how authorities should act.
We use social media to reach as many people as possible as quickly as possible. You can find all our news on Facebook and Twitter. We share other information on Instagram and YouTube. You can comment and ask questions in all of these channels.
The editorial team at Krisinformation.se reads every comment and tries to answer all questions to the extent possible. As part of our task of communicating information to the general public, we feed back important questions and views concerning the information to the relevant authorities.
Therefore, if you use the comment fields, you need to follow certain rules. Below we describe our reasoning in more detail.
The rules in brief

Anything written here becomes a matter of public record. Show respect and remain civil.

We hide or delete comments that

  •     contain racism, xenophobia, hostility towards minorities or incitement to racial hatred
  •     contain threats and personal attacks
  •     are derogatory or discriminatory
  •     we consider to be spam (when the same comment is posted repeatedly, often by the same user)
  •     steer the discussion away from the topic
  •     link to information other than confirmed official information
  •     are written for the purpose of marketing products or services.

Feel free to ask questions!

If you do not fully understand the information we provide, the authorities' rationale, where to find more information, or if you have any other questions that you think we can answer, don't hesitate to ask! We always respond as quickly as we can to questions we already know the answers to. If not, we will try to find out for you.

Your questions help the authorities understand what is lacking in the information they provide, so they are always important for society.

We need to moderate comment fields
We moderate comments so users can feel safe. To minimise the risk of encountering misleading information or aggression from other users. So that everyone can feel confident about asking a question without being met with unpleasant answers. To avoid users being faced with offensive content, be it images or language use.

Transparency is important
We hide or remove comments that violate our rules. If you think your comment was hidden on incorrect grounds (and not because you didn't follow the rules, see above), write to redaktionen@krisinformation.se and tell us what was on your mind. If we see that we have made a mistake, we will make the comment visible again.