Civil defence in Sweden

The purpose of the various emergency service sectors and authorities is to strengthen cooperation in Sweden’s civil defence and to ensure society can continue to function even during crises and war.

In view of security-related developments around Sweden, the government has decided to build up civil defence. The result is 10 emergency service sectors, covering 60 authorities. In other words, authorities with special significance for public emergency preparedness and total defence. The county administrative boards in Norrbotten, Örebro, Stockholm, Östergötland, Västra Götaland and Skåne County will each be responsible for their own area.

Access to clean drinking water, a functioning electricity supply and transport infrastructure are just some of the necessities for society. The emergency authorities must be able to withstand threats and risks, prevent vulnerabilities, manage peacetime crises and perform their duties in the event of heightened preparedness. All to ensure that these key functions work during normal times and in a crisis.

The emergency service sectors

•    Financial security
•    Electronic communications and post
•    Energy supply
•    Financial services
•    Supply of basic data
•    Health, care and nursing
•    Food supply and drinking water
•    Public order and security
•    Emergency services and protection of civilians
•    Transport