Read more about hazards and Risks

  • Terrorism and deadly force attacks

    The risk of being affected by a terrorist or other deadly attack is very low. But it is important to know what to do if the worst happens.

  • Transport disturbances

    The functionality of the transport systems is extremely important for our survival. Almost no municipality in Sweden can manage without external deliveries and very few municipalities would be self-sufficient in a crisis situation. A major accident involving aircraft, boats, cars or trains can have extensive consequences.

  • Food and drinking water

    Sometimes events occur that put us at risk of getting sick from the food we eat or the water we drink. Shortages of food or water may also occur. You can read more about such events and how to protect yourself here.

  • Nuclear accidents

    A major nuclear accident can have serious consequences for both people and the environment. At nuclear power plants, safety always comes first. All nuclear facilities are extra carefully protected against various attacks and sabotage that cause an accident. Theft of nuclear materials and waste is also prevented.