This is an old eventpage about Risk of water shortages in 2019 that was initally published 11 Jun 2019

Risk of water shortages in 2019

Too little rain has led to low groundwater levels in parts of the country. There is a risk that it will be a difficult summer with water shortages in several counties, according to the Geological Survey of Sweden, SGU.
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The levels in the major groundwater reservoirs, which are used primarily for the municipal water supply, are below normal in large parts of the country. The reason is lack of rain. For the groundwater situation to stabilize, far more rain than normal is needed in the coming period. Even in the minor groundwater reservoirs, from which people with their own wells usually get their water, the levels are below, or far below normal for this time of year.  

- “We’re starting at a disadvantage, and the consequences are likely to be that both private and municipal water supplies are affected, if they rely on groundwater. This applies primarily to Götaland and Svealand,” says Bo Thunholm, hydrogeologist at the Geological Survey of Sweden, SGU. 

The risk for water shortages can vary locally. For information on the water situation in your area, contact the municipality.  

Everyone can help conserve water. Here are some easy tips on how you can help:  

  • Do not water with drinking water.
  • Collect rainwater, for example, and water plants with it.
  • Shower instead of taking a bath.
  • Do not leave the water running while soaping up or brushing your teeth.
  • Avoid doing the dishes under running water.
  • In the summer, it can be difficult to get really cold water from the tap. Flush residual water from the tap. Fill a pitcher or bottle with water and put it in the refrigerator. Then you will have cold water. The water flushed from the tap can be collected and used to water plants, for example.  

Source: National Food Agency, Sweden, SGU (Geological Survey of Sweden)