This is an old eventpage about High water flows in southern Sweden that was initally published 20 Feb 2020

High water flows in southern Sweden

This is an old page about the waterflows in southern Sweden in 2020. The information on this page will not be updated.

Original text:

Parts of southern Sweden have been hit hard by the rain of recent days. There are very high flows in many watercourses which has resulted in flooded roads and properties.The result of the most recent rain is that the water level is very high in many watercourses in Götaland. SMHI has issued several class 2 warnings for high waterflows in southern Sweden. For more detailed information, visit SMHI.

The high water levels have also resulted in flooded roads and properties in some areas. For local information on the situation where you live, contact your municipality or county administration.

Follow road conditions

Heavy rainfall during a short space of time can lead to flooded roads and disruptions in public transport. Check road conditions in your area via the Swedish Transport Administration website (in Swedish). Please make sure to drive carefully and respect closed-off road signs.

Keep a safe distance

Remember to keep a safe distance to rivers and watercourses where the flows are high. The streaming water can undermine riverbanks and cause slides.

The risk of landslides can increase

Waterlogged land and high water levels can increase the risk of landslides. Landslides usually occur when it has ceased to rain and water levels have started to recede. The Swedish Geotechnical Institute provides information (in Swedish) about detecting the warning signs of landslides.

  • Published 1/2/2021 12:53:59 PM

    SMHI: Class 2 warnings for very high flows

    A Class 2 warning for very high flows has been issued for Byälven in Värmland County and for Upperudsälven downstream of Dals Långed in Västra Götaland County.