Official information on the Covid-19 pandemic

Vaccination, travelling and how you can help to slow down the spread of Covid-19.

Current rules and recommendations

A summary of the rules and recommendations currently in effect in Sweden.

International travel restrictions

Here you find information from the authorities about restrictions on travel to and from Sweden.

Digital Covid Certificate

Digital Covid Certificate is a free e-service that shows that you have been vaccinated against covid-19, tested negative for or recovered from the disease.

Get tested for covid-19

The Public Health Agency of Sweden recommends that adults with symptoms of Covid-19 get tested to see if they have an ongoing infection.

Visiting Sweden during the Covid-19 pandemic

How the Covid-19 outbreak affects travelling, accomodation, and other activities for people visiting Sweden.

Slow down the spread of Covid-19

Follow the recommendations of The Public Health Agency of Sweden.

Risk groups

Advanced age is the foremost risk factor, but there are others. Here you will find more about factors that indicate an increased risk of being severely afflicted with covid-19.

Employees, employers and businesses

About running a business, employment and sick leave.