This is an old eventpage about Get the whole picture that was initally published 19 Dec 2022

Get the whole picture

An advertising campaign is currently under way for The campaign goes by the name “Get the whole picture” and is shown from 16 December.

The purpose of the campaign is to increase the general public’s awareness of so that more people can find information from Swedish authorities in the event of a crisis. In a crisis situation, well-informed people are an important resource. If you are prepared, you will contribute to strengthening society’s overall ability to manage crises.

The campaign will be shown in cinemas and on TV, in newspapers and in social media. The campaign’s main message, “Get the whole picture”, is that contains comprehensive crisis information from all Swedish authorities in one place.

Why are you doing the campaign right now?

The world around us is uncertain and the future is unpredictable. We want to increase the general public’s awareness of so that more people know where to turn in order to obtain information in the event of a crisis. However, the fact that the campaign is running now is not due to any particular event. During the period between Christmas and New Year, more people watch TV and go to the cinema. This is a period where we can reach many people so that they can cope better in a crisis.

How does crisis information help me in a crisis? provides a general picture of a crisis and gathers the authorities’ information about the incident. Here you can find out where to get more information and how to act in a crisis.

There is also advice available on how to prepare for different events, such as floods, storms or water shortages. 

Why have you chosen power outage as a scenario?

Crises can occur with or without human influence. We use the power outage as an illustration for both scenarios. For example, extreme weather, such as lightning or a storm, can cause a power outage. But it can also be the result of an out-of-balance energy market or an attack from foreign power.

Can you convey the whole picture in a crisis?

Of course, we cannot guarantee that we know everything, even when it comes to crises. Our task is to gather information from the relevant authorities in the event of a crisis and publish it on Instead of you having to search for information from different sources, we present the whole picture of the official information that is available.