The war in Ukraine

Russia has launched an invasion of Ukraine. On this webpage, we have gathered information in English from Swedish public authorities about the security situation and information for those arriving in Sweden from Ukraine.

The security situation

Here you will find information about the Swedish Armed Forces’ and the Swedish Government’s assessment of the security situation.

Grief and anxiety

Major events like the war in Ukraine can trigger grief or worries. But there is support to get for those who need it. Here we list our pages with infornation for those who feel worried, and to those around.

Helping out

There are many ways in which you can help those fleeing the war in Ukraine. Offering housing, getting involved in volunteer work or by donations.

Your home preparedness

Crises and wars can prevent society from operating normally. For example, disruptions to electricity and water supplies may occur. World events may also cause shortages of certain foodstuffs.