What you can do

With a war occurring near Sweden, it is normal to feel fearful and powerless. Here are several ways that you, as an individual, can improve the situation and feel less worried.

Get involved

Volunteers are an important part of Sweden's emergency preparedness. Consider what you can contribute now or in future crises. There are many ways to get involved. Here are some examples:

Be critical of sources and do not spread rumours

During crises and serious events, it is particularly important to be critical of sources. At present, there is an increased risk of disinformation and rumour-spreading aimed at influencing Sweden. You can help reduce this risk by:

  • Seeking information from credible sources.
  • Noticing false information. Who is giving out the information and who benefits from its dissemination?
  • Not spreading false information or rumours.

Learn more about how to be source critical

Protect your data against cyber attacks

For a cyber-attack to succeed, the attacker must find a vulnerability. By protecting your own data, you also contribute to society's resilience against cyber-attacks.

  • Install security updates on your phone, computer or other internet-connected devices as soon as possible.
  • Be careful when clicking on links or attachments or when downloading programs received via email, text message or various websites. Be extra vigilant if you don't recognise the sender.
  • Use strong passwords. Passwords should be long and contain a variety of lower- and upper-case letters, numbers and special characters.

Review your home preparedness

It is always important to be prepared for potential crises. Be prepared to provide water, food and heating for yourself and your family for at least one week.

Here you will find home preparedness tips, advice and checklists. 

Neighbours can be important

Neighbours can be good resources if the unexpected would happen.

Discuss how you can cope with a situation without access to electricity, water and heating. Practise cooking together on a barbecue in the courtyard or similar.

Consider who would need extra help in a crisis and who can provide help.  

Mental health care

It is normal to feel worried about what is happening in Ukraine. But there are ways to manage stress and fear.

Learn first aid

With more individuals ready and able to help, society can better endure accidents, crises and even attacks. One way is to learn more about administering emergency first aid and how to help someone who is seriously injured. 

On this page we have gathered information and links about responding to cardiac arrest, bleeding and other injuries.