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Viktigt meddelande till allmänheten i Jönköpings län:

Updated: 25 Jun 2024 02:39

Viktigt meddelande till allmänheten i Vaggeryd i Vaggeryds kommun, Jönköpings län. På grund av en brand i avfallsanläggning strax norr om Vaggeryds tätort, med kraftig rökutveckling, uppmanar räddningsledaren alla i området att gå inomhus och stänga dörrar, fönster och ventilation. För mer information lyssna på Sveriges Radio P4 Jönköping.

Sveriges Radio

This is an old eventpage about Aurora 23 that was initally published 14 Apr 2023

Aurora 23

This is an old text about the Aurora 23 military exercise. The information on this page will not be updated.

The Aurora 23 military exercise will be held between 17 April and 11 May 2023. The exercise is one of the largest in Sweden in many years and will, among other things, cause disruptions to traffic. Military staff will be more visible than usual.

What will happen?

Between 17 April and 11 May, more than 26,000 people from the Swedish Army, Swedish Navy, Swedish Air Force, Home Guard and military personnel from 14 other countries will be training together. The exercise can be seen throughout Sweden, but primarily in the southern parts of the country and on Gotland. They will practice everything from increased preparedness and mobilisation to large coordinated attacks on the ground, in the air and at sea. The purpose of Aurora 23 is to increase the ability to deal with an armed attack on Sweden.

For mor information visit the website of the Swedish Armed Forces 

What does this mean for me? 

The Swedish Armed Forces will practise on their own training and shooting ranges, but also on private land. Landowners and residents will be informed in these areas. Major military transports on the roads will affect traffic. Low-flying helicopters and fighter jets can cause unexpected noise. Military staff will be more visible than usual.  

 Foto: Hampus Hagstedt/Swedish Armed Forces 

Radio broadcast mobilisation announcement 

In order to realistically practise mobilisation, a mobilisation announcement will be broadcast on the radio on 24 April in connection with the commencement of Aurora 23. The message will be sent via Sveriges Radio P4 throughout the country, similar to a traffic bulletin. This is the first time a mobilisation message will be broadcast via radio prior to an exercise in modern times.

Source: Swedish Armed Forces