Ongoing lethal violence

In the unlikely event that you are near or affected by a shooting or explosion, it is good to know what to do. Here is the police's advice on what to do in the event of ongoing lethal violence.


  • Leave the scene and encourage others to follow
  • Get to safety
  • Note emergency exits

Seek shelter

  • If you cannot escape - seek shelter
  • Lock yourself in if possible, take cover behind something and stay close to floors and walls.
  • Stay alert
  • Be quiet and switch off the sound and vibration on your phone.
  • Don't make unnecessary calls to people in the risk area.

Alert 112

  • Call 112 - tell them where you are and what has happened.
  • Describe the location - where is the perpetrator(s) and what weapons do they have?
  • If possible, warn others in your neighbourhood.

Information on terrorism from the Swedish Police

Follow the advice of the authorities. Make sure you cannot be mistaken for the perpetrator. Do not hold anything in your hands when the police arrive at the scene. Be prepared for the possibility of further attacks.

Sources: the Swedish Security Service, the Police, the Swedish Constitutional Law Gazette (SFS) and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB).