Security zones

As of 25 April 2024, the Swedish Police will have the right to perform body searches and search vehicles in certain areas without suspicion of a crime. These areas are called security zones.

A new law allows the Swedish Police to introduce security zones. A security zone is an area where the police can search people and vehicles without any criminal suspicion against a person. A safety zone can be introduced in an area where the police consider that the risk of a shooting or explosion is high.

Each time the Swedish Police introduce a security zone, they will provide information on where and when the security zone applies. The police will also provide information on why the zone has been introduced and how a search is carried out.

A safety zone may be in place for a maximum of two weeks, but it is possible for the Swedish Police to decide on an extension. The decision can be appealed to an administrative court by the person affected by the safety zone.

The Swedish Police: Q/A on Security zones (Swedish)