What is organised crime?

Here you will find information and links on organised crime and how Swedish authorities work together to tackle it.

Organised crime covers a wide range of crimes that affect many parts of society. Criminal organisations that sell drugs may also smuggle other types of goods, hazardous waste or people. It is also common for criminal organisations to commit tax offences or illegally exploit our social safety nets such as sickness and unemployment benefits. Organised crime often moves between countries.

Authorities working together against organised crime

Since 2009, Swedish authorities have been working together to jointly combat organised crime.

In February 2024, the Government adopted Sweden's first national strategy against organised crime.

The strategy highlights five important areas where the work needs to be strengthened:

  • Efforts need to be directed at individuals to stop criminal careers.
  • Criminals' access to illegal weapons and explosives needs to be reduced.
  • Smash the criminal economy.
  • Society needs to become more robust against unauthorised influence from criminal actors.
  • Identity fraud must be made more difficult and the ability of authorities to exchange information must be improved.

Source: The Swedish Police