This is an old eventpage about Storm Hans that was initally published 10 Aug 2023

Storm Hans

Thios is an archived page about the storm Hans, which swept across Sweden in the first week of August 2023. The information on this page will not be updated.

The storm Hans caused traffic disruptions, floods, mudslides and landslides. Here you find information about current disturbances and what you can do yourself to prevent injuries and accidents.

Weather forecasts and warnings

SMHI issued red and orange warnings for flood and high water discharge in parts of mid-Sweden.

The situation was serious in several areas. Current warnings can be found on SMHI's website. It is a good idea to check the information regularly, as the forecasts and warnings may change over time.

SMHI (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute) warnings

Traffic disruptions

Many roads and railways were damaged by rain and flooding. In addition to road and rail traffic, many ferry departures were cancelled due to strong winds.  

Check the Swedish Transport Administration’s website for the latest updates and follow the information from your local public transport services.
The Swedish Transport Administration about the traffic situation
Find your flight at
Traffic and service at Sveriges Radio

Landslides, debris flows and rockfalls 

When there is heavy rain and flooding, the risk of collapse and landslide increases. If you live near a watercourse, it is a good idea to know what warning signs to watch out for.

Warning signs of a landslide from Swedish Geotechnical Institute, SGI (in Swedish but with illustrations).

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