Cooperate with your neighbours in a crisis

Those who know their neighbours will more likely manage well if an emergency should occur.

A strong sense of community in your neighbourhood will make your everyday life safer and will make it easier to help each other. Here are some tips on how to build a common preparedness for crises.


How to get started

  • Check if others are interested in talking about preparedness. Your neighbours, your landlord, property owner, community or board may be of help. 
  • See which common resources and spaces you may have at disposal and discuss how these can be used. Can you organise a common emergency store and what should be there? 
  • Can you set up a meeting room where there is always a battery-operated radio?
  • Discuss how to cope with a situation when electricity, water or heating is missing. 
  • Investigate which of you would need extra help in a crisis and who may be ready to help, in variuos ways.

 Source: MSB (The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency).