Heating during a crisis

When we’re cold, our ability to think and move is impaired. It is therefore important to keep warm in a crisis. Make a plan to keep you and your home warm if the electricity goes out.

If it gets cold at home:

  • Seal floors, doors and windows.
  • Dress in layers.
  • Use alternative heating sources, such as a wood stove, fireplace or candles.
  • Gather in one room, hang blankets over the windows and cover the floor with rugs.

Good to have at home to keep warm:

  • woollen garments
  • warm and sturdy outerwear
  • hats, mittens, scarves
  • blankets
  • sleeping pad
  • sleeping bags
  • candles
  • tealights
  • matches
  • fire-lighter
  • alternative heating source, e.g., gas or kerosene heaters.

Stay safe

  • Open windows and ventilate rooms occasionally. Fires consume a lot of oxygen.
  • Do not leave a stove or candles light while sleeping.
  • Be careful handling fuel and open flames indoors.
  • Keep candles far away from combustible materials, such as curtains.
  • Place tealights in a fireproof candle holder.
  • Use a portable or camp stove away from cupboards and kitchen fans.