Payment during a crisis

Disruptions in payments and cash register systems can make shopping difficult. It is therefore useful to be able to pay in several different ways.

Make sure that you can pay in several different ways

  • Have accounts with different banks, cards from different payment card providers and access to mobile payment solutions such as the swedish payment method swish.
  • Have several options for internet connection.
  • Have several options to identify yourself electronically.
  • Keep a week’s worth of cash at home – in small denominations.

Have a week’s worth of home preparedness

It is good if you can go a week without buying food. This will reduce the need to be able to pay in the event of a crisis. The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) has examples on questions you can discuss with family, friends and neighbours:

  • What home prepardness do you have in terms of water bottles, food, medicines etc?
  • What do you not have at home that may need to be purschased during the first week?
  • What alternative methods for payments do you have?
  • What alternatives do you have if your usual shop is affected by disruptions in payment systems?
  • What possibilities do you have to help others and who in your neighbourhood can help you?

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