Security points and shelters

In emergencies that affect society severely or during a longer period, municipalities may set up security points (”trygghetspunkter”).

These can provide services like information about the situation, a chance to get warm, or charge your phone. In some cases security points have been used for distributing tap water or something to eat. This depends on what the municipality decides upon.

Not all municipalities have plans for security points. Those who do can set up a security point when the municipality assesses that there is a need for one. Most commonly, this would be in a school, a fire station or other municipal premises.

What this security point is called can also vary. It is sometimes called a shelter (”värmestuga”), a place of safety (”trygghetspunkt”) or a combination thereof  (”SOT” or ”säkerhets- och trygghetspunkt”).

Try to find out, in advance, whether your municipality has a plans for security points and, if so, where it may be located. Everyone is responsible for their own home preparedness for emergencies.

When there is an emergency, municipal help will first go to those who need it the most, like elderly, the sick or disabled and children. The better prepared you are for emergencies, the more society can help those in need.