For foreign nationals and dual citizenship

Foreign nationals can in some cases get support from Swedish foreign authorities, if the live in Sweden. Here, we list information about international travel for those with a foreign passport or dual citizenship.

Anyone without Swedish citizenship can, under certain conditions, get support from the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs (“Utrikesdepartementet” or “UD”) and Swedish foreign authorities, like the embassies. They can either be resident in Sweden or as citizens of EU or Nordic countries in a country where their citizenship country has no diplomatic representation. Who can receive consular support also depends on whether there are “normal” circumstances or in the event of a disaster.

Who can get consular support?

Living in Sweden is a prerequisite for the right to support from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Swedish embassies. Swedish citizens, refugees and stateless persons residing in Sweden can receive consular support. Other foreign nationals living in Sweden may also be included under certain conditions. Swedish citizens not resident in Sweden can only receive support if there are special reasons for doing so.

In the event of disaster relief

In the event of consular disaster relief measures (which the Government decides on), the following persons will be covered by support:

  • Swedish citizens regardless of whether they live in Sweden or another country
  • The family members of Swedish citizens
  • persons who live in Sweden but do not have Swedish citizenship
  • citizens of Nordic countries, their family members,
  • EU citizens and their family members.

The Nordic countries have agreed on which Nordic country is responsible for other Nordic citizens if a consular crisis should occur.

If the applicant is strongly associated with the country in which they are located, support may be limited or unavailable. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and foreign authorities often have limited means of helping anyone with dual citizenship.

Information from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in English:

The “Greeting Guide” (about the consular assignment and consular service) is available in English, Spanish, French and Arabic.

•The brochure “Travelling?” is available in English.

Information about travelling with dual nationality is available in English, Arabic, Somali and Turkish.