This is an old eventpage about Forest fires 2019 that was initally published 25 Apr 2019

Forest fires 2019

This page is archived and will not be updated. This is where verified emergency information about fire bans, fire risk, and forest fires from the Swedish authorities were compiled.

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Forest fires can start in a number of different ways and they may spread rapidly. Make sure not to start a fire. Follow the instructions from the authorities.

Fire risk and fire bans  

Municipalities ("kommuner") and county administrative boards ("länsstyrelser") may issue fire bans. A fire ban means that you must not light fires outdoors. In order to find out if there is a fire ban in your area, check the municipality's web site. If you have questions about what is allowed as regards open fires in your area, contact the rescue services ("räddningstjänsten") through your municipality.  

At Sveriges kommuner och landsting, you will find a list of links to Sweden's 290 municipalities. The municipalities' local information is in Swedish, but most will answer questions in English. 

Keep track of the fire risk at the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute's (SMHI) web site


If there is an immediate threat to life, health, property, or the environment, the head of the rescue operations may issue an Important Public Announcement. This is a warning aimed at the public which is broadcast on Swedish Radio, channel P4, in Swedish. will publish such warnings in Swedish and English. In large-scale emergencies, information in English and other languages may be broadcast by Radio Sweden and published on the web site. 

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