Fire bans

Information on fire bans issued by county administrative boards. If you plan to light a fire, comply with fire ban rules, if any, in effect in your municipality and county. You can also contact your local emergency service with questions about fire risks and lighting fires.

Each county administrative board is responsible for the information relating to fire bans in effect in the county’s municipalities.

There are two types of fire ban – fire bans and stringent fire bans. You can find information on your municipality’s website about what applies in your local area. You can find links to the various municipalities’ information under “More information” when you click on the municipalities on the map. 

If information for a municipality is unavailable or limited, it means that the service is not used by the county administrative board in which the municipality is located. There may still be a fire ban in the municipality. For more information, check with the county administrative board or municipality.

Source: The county administrative boards’ mapping service – fire bans in fields and forests