This is an old eventpage about Flooding and very high waterflows that was initally published 26 Jan 2024

Flooding and very high waterflows

The Swedish weather agency SMHI issued orange level weather warnings for high water discharge and flooding in several counties in January and February 2024.

Snowmelt and rain caused high flows and flooding in several counties between January and March 2024. SMHI issued orange-level weather warnings in Skåne, Östergötland, Södermanland and Uppsala counties.

The warnings concerned the rivers Nyköpingsån, Rönne å, Kävlingeån, Tämnarån, Stångån, Svartån, lakes Ringsjön, Tämnaren and Glan as well as other locations.

Flooding affected municipalities, property owners and road traffic in several counties. In parts of Skåne, the drainage system was at times strained and the emergency services urged the public to avoid the flooded areas. The County Administrative Board urged those with their own wells to check the quality of their drinking water.

Update 09.30 12 March 2024: The situation in many areas has improved, but high discharge warnings are still in effect for some rivers. 

Original text: 

Skåne county

Very high waterflows in the Kävlingeån och Hörbyån rivers as well as high water levels in lakes Ringsjön, Finjasjön and in Almaån have led to floodings in several places. Contact your municipality if you need local information in English, or call Sweden's national information number 113 13.  


Several property owners in Eslöv have been severely affected by the ongoing flooding along Kävlingeån and around Ringsjön. The sewage system is also strained.

Eslöv municipality (in Swedish only) - Deleted link


The situation at Finjasjön and Almaån is still serious, even though water levels have started to drop. The emergency services are urging the public to avoid the flooded areas. 

Hässleholm municipality (in Swedish) - Deleted link


In Hörbyån, rain and snowmelt have caused high water levels and flooding. Hörby municipality urges the public not to go near the water or affected areas. Near waterways and lakes there may be a risk of flooding and landslides.

Hörby municipality: Continuous information on the situation (in Swedish)


Höör is also affected by the high water levels in Ringsjön. There is a risk of flooded land and landslides near rivers and lakes in low-lying areas.

Höör municipality (Swedish only) 

Östergötland county

SMHI has issued orange weather warnings for high water discharge in Stångån and Börgölsån/Lotorpsån. 

In the flooded areas, there is a risk of contamination of drinking water wells. The County Administrative Board of Östergötland urges those with their own drinking water well to check the water quality before use.

Södermanland county


Earlier snow melt and rain have caused high flows in Nyköpingsån which may result in flooding near the railway. SMHI has issued an orange warning for flooding in Nyköpingsån.

Uppsala county

SMHI har issued a yellow warning for high water discharge in river Tämnarån from lake Tämnaren to the outlet in the sea. There is a risk of flooding near lakes and along the watercourse.