Sign up onto Svensklistan if you are near India or Pakistan

Recently, the tensions between India and Pakistan have increased and, according to the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the situation is being aggravated further. The embassy urges all Swedish citizens currently in the area to be very careful and to sign up onto the list of citizens, "Svensklistan".

You can provide information about where you are and how you can be reached on Svensklistan. The information can be used by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Embassy to contact you in case of a crisis situation. Find Svensklistan here (in Swedish).

The Embassy urges all travelers to be on guard and avoid large crowds and demonstrations.

According to the information from the Embassy, international air traffic over Pakistan has been affected, which has led to delays and cancellations. It is therefore important to check any travel plans to or from the area with your own airline.

Source: Ud

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