Important Public Announcement for Halmstad

Update 16.30: The warning has been withdrawn. Original text: Important Public Announcement for Halmstad. An industrial building is on fire at Stena Recycling in Fyllinge. The fire is creating toxic fumes. The incident commander urges that everyone in the area goes indoors and close all doors, windows and vents.

Update 15.40: The rescue service advice people in the following areas to stay indoors and to close windows and vents: areas south of Jaktfalksvägen and Boxervägen in Fyllinge, Kistinge industrial area, between road 15 Klastorpsvägen and Stjärnarpsvägen.

Parents should pick up their children from schools and preschools in the areas as soon as possible because the schools may be closing.  

For more information, please tune in to Sveriges Radio P4 Halland.

Source: Sveriges Radio

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