The Public Health Agency of Sweden: Pregnant women are urged to exercise caution

Pregnant women should avoid being infected with COVID 19 during the last stages of pregnancy and before giving birth. Pregnant women with risk factors such as obesity, diabetes or high blood pressure should be especially careful states the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

According to current knowledge, pregnant women do not appear to be at higher risk than others of being affected by severe illness in conjunction with COVID19. But there are also some instances where pregnant women have needed intensive care in Sweden.

– We want to prevent more pregnant women from becoming severely ill or needing intensive care, says Anders Tegnell, state epidemiologist at the Public Health Agency.

According to the Public Health Agency of Sweden, pregnant women should be extra careful and especially in the end of the pregnancy and prior to giving birth. This is because a respiratory infection during late stages of pregnancy can pose risks for the woman.

Pregnant women with risk factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity should be extra careful, consult with the midwife or physician and limit close contact with people outside the household.


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