Children and adolescents with symptoms of covid-19 are recommended testing

Children and young people who have symptoms of covid-19 are recommended to do so-called PCR tests, in order to be able to go back to school more quickly.

The Public Health Agency of Sweden has produced a new guide to support the regions in their work to detect ongoing covid-19 infection in children and young people. The Public Health Agency recommends that children in preschool class, grades 1-9 or in high school age are tested if they have symptoms that may indicate covid-19. In this way, the children can return to school more quickly if they have a negative test result and their general condition otherwise allows it.

– Children and young people feel good about being able to participate in school and other everyday activities, it is an important reason to try this age group. Previously, this group was recommended to stay at home at the slightest symptom. With testing, they will be able to return to school to a greater extent even if they have persistent mild symptoms, in combination with a negative test result, says Karin Tegmark Wisell, head of department at the Swedish Public Health Agency.


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