SMHI: Class 2 warnings for very high flows

A Class 2 warning for very high flows has been issued for Byälven in Värmland County and for Upperudsälven downstream of Dals Långed in Västra Götaland County.

Large amounts of precipitation in December, in combination with already full lakes, have led to the watercourses in Värmland and Dalsland rising.

The flows in the Upperudsälven are rising and are expected to reach class 2 very high flows during the first days of January. The flows in Byälven are also continuing to rise. The culmination is expected in early January.

Class 1 warning for high flows has been issued for tributaries to Byälven and Upperudsälven.

For updated information go to SMHI warnings.

Warning class 2 for very high flows means flood problems in exposed places.