The Government proposes temporary pandemic law

The Swedish Government is proposing that a temporary pandemic law should come into force from 15 March 2021 until March 2022. The aim is that more activities will be covered by infection control regulations than is the case at present.

The proposal is now being sent out for consultation.

Activities covered are:

•    public gatherings and events
•    venues for leisure or cultural activities
•    shopping centres
•    public transport
•    use or lease of venues for private gatherings

It is also proposed that there should be a possibility to limit people's right to be in a public place and how large a group may be. The Government can give municipalities the right to decide on a ban on being in a particular place.

For very serious situations, it is proposed that there should be a possibility to decide on more far-reaching measures in order to prevent crowding. This may involve closing down, for example, shops, public transport or shopping centres.


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