Rapid tests for staff in care facilities

The state goes in and co-finances so-called rapid tests so that regions can quickly detect infection in, for example, nursing homes. This was announced by the government today.

So-called rapid tests, antigen tests, can be used as a complement to PCR testing when there is a need for increased test capacity. They can, for example, be used for regular examinations by health care professionals and staff in elderly care to protect patients and care recipients.

Rapid tests can also be used in outpatient and emergency care where it is important to get a test result quickly.

Antigen tests are not as sensitive as PCR tests, writes the Public Health Agency of Sweden. Negative test results in staff who do not themselves experience symptoms therefore do not exclude covid-19. Therefore, it is good to test the staff regularly, for example once or twice a week.

Read more at the Public Health Agency (in Swedish) - Deleted link

Source: Public Health Agency

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