The British variant of Covid-19-virus has been identified in Sweden

The new mutated variant of Covid-19-virus that was first discovered in the UK has been found in Sörmland. Infection tracing began immediately after the case was discovered, but it is thought that the risk of spread is very low.

The person who tested positive travelled from the UK to Sörmland for a visit over Christmas. The virus, which is referred to as VOC202012/01, is thought to be more contagious than other variants of Covid-19-virus, however analyzes are still ongoing.

The Public Health Agency of Sweden urges all incoming travellers who have been in the UK from 12 December to stay at home for at least seven days in order to avoid contact with others as much as possible, and to get themselves tested immediately after arrival, with a follow-up test five days after arrival.

More information from the Public Health Agency (in Swedish) - Deleted link

Source: Folkhälsomyndigheten

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