The Public Health Agency – Quarantine rules

Healthy individuals returning from areas in China where there are reported cases of the new coronavirus should be alert to symptoms, but need not be quarantined, writes the Swedish Public Health Agency ("Folkhälsomyndigheten").

Different countries have chosen various solutions in terms of travel recommendations and monitoring of healthy evacuated individuals and travellers from affected areas. Like several other Nordic countries, Sweden is following WHO guidelines and recommendations of the ECDC (the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control).

Healthy individuals who may have been exposed to infection and are exhibiting respiratory symptoms should call healthcare services for evaluation and an assessment of whether a test is appropriate.

“While waiting for test results, patients in need of care should be isolated in a clinic for infectious diseases. Individuals who can stay at home will be given information about how to avoid infecting others during the period prior to receiving test results. If the test results are positive, there are healthcare procedures in place to deal with such cases in a safe manner,” says Anders Tegnell, national epidemiologist at the Public Health Agency.

In Sweden, most measures for protection against infection are implemented without coercion. The experience is that a well-informed and motivated person understands and follows the given recommendations, and that personal responsibility is better than coercive measures. In cases where recommendations are not followed, the communicable disease control doctor in the healthcare region in question will take a decision regarding mandatory quarantine or isolation. According to the law, this is possible as the new coronavirus has been classified as a public health hazard and illness that is dangerous to society.

Source: Folkhälsomyndigheten

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