Official information on the new coronavirus

The Public Health Agency of Sweden considers the risk of the coronavirus, 2019-nCoV, spreading to Sweden to be very low. Here you can find information from competent authorities about the virus, spread of infection and handling of the outbreak.

The outbreak originated in the city of Wuhan in central China. However, cases have also been detected in other countries. The Public Health Agency of Sweden considers the risk of the infection spreading to Sweden to be very low.  The authority has published frequently asked questions about the infection (only in Swedish). 

The signs of infection are respiratory symptoms, fever and cough. A number of deaths have been linked to 2019-nCoV. However, each of the deceased had another serious underlying illness.

There are strong indications that initially the virus has spread from animals to humans. There are signs that the virus can also spread between humans. Thus far, there is no evidence to suggest the virus could spread readily between humans. The Public Health Agency of Sweden writes that while new knowledge about the virus is constantly evolving, much is still unknown.

The Embassy of Sweden in China advises Swedes in the area to avoid markets where animals and poultry are found and avoid contact with people who have symptoms of respiratory infection. Anyone who develops respiratory symptoms within 14 days of a stay in Wuhan should seek medical attention and inform medical staff about their travel history.


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