The first confirmed coronavirus case in Sweden

It has been confirmed that a woman in the county of Jönköping is infected with the coronavirus, according to the Public Health Agency of Sweden. This woman recently visited the Wuhan region of China. She is currently being cared for at Ryhov County Hospital, where she is being kept in isolation.

The woman had no symptoms when she arrived back in Sweden from China on 24 January. She contacted the healthcare service herself when she started to experience coughing. Region Jönköping County as operated in compliance with the available guidelines and the woman is currently being kept in isolation at the infection clinic at Ryhov County Hospital in Jönköping, according to the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

“It is important to remember that isolated cases are not the same as a spread of the disease in Sweden. We currently deem this risk to be very low, given experiences in other countries. Our health and medical care services have procedures for dealing with cases like this effectively and safely,” says Karin Tegmark Wisell, Head of Department at the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

Source: Folkhälsomyndigheten

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