Changes in travel advisories

The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Utrikesdepartementet, UD) removes the advisory against non-essential travel to Andorra, Poland and Germany after the 15th of July. UD will reintroduce a travel advisory against non-essential travels to Switzerland, from the 15th July to the 29th July.

The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Utrikesdepartementet, UD) are giving travel advisory updates more often this summer, so that people can plan more easily and because of the rapid changes that can occur due to the pandemic of covid-19.

Recently there have been removed travel advisories to 14 countries, and now three more countries are added to that list: Andorra, Poland and  Germany. For Switzerland UD adds a travel advisory against non essential travel, from the 15th of July. An example of a non essential travel is a holiday trip.

Here is a list of all the countries that have a travel advisory against non essential travel.

For other countries within the EU, EEA, Schengen and UK, there is a travel advisory for non essential travels until the 29th of July.

There are still a travel advisories against non essential travel to countries outside the EU, EEA, Schengen and UK, and the current date is until the 31th of August.

Source: Regeringen

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